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Success or Failure?


Germany dedicated a large amount of planning and resources to propaganda for Muslim prisoners of war.

The campaign by most measures was a failure.

  • Some POWs did join the alliance: about 800 prisoners from the Half Moon Camp registered for the Ottoman army and went to Turkey.
  • Most Muslim POWs, about 4,200 or 84%, did not join the German-Ottoman alliance.
  • A Muslim revolution to overthrow English, French, and Russian empires never materialized.
Scan of a cartoon depicting men of different nationalities gathered in a circle. Text: L'Assiette au Leurre / Echos des Aborts
Illustration from newspaper created by POWs at the Halbmondlager.

Illustration from "Le Heraut / Echos du Camp de Zossen." October 18, 1914. Germany. 2016.84.51. National WWI Museum and Memorial.